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Below are positions that we are actively seeking to fill. If there is an office not listed here that you are interested in or would like to learn more about, please contact the officer currently holding that office. We are always looking for enthusiastic gentles to join us!

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Update: (05/02/22)
Greetings everyone! I am extending the look for the next Minister of Arts & Sciences until a suitable replacement may be found. I only had two interested parties, one declined the position and the other person did not respond to my emails. If you are that person, I am interested in you, and Deadline extended please respond by email <>

If you are interested please reach out!

Original Message: (2/28/2022)
Salutations to The Barony Of Darkwater!
It was my privilege to become the Minister of Arts & Sciences for the Barony of Darkwater at Village Faire in 2020. I have really enjoyed serving the barony in this capacity! At this Village Faire 2022 I will have completed a two year term in this position. As such I am now accepting candidates for my successor. Take a look at the job description below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If this is something that you would be interested in please contact me directly. I would like a statement of interest in the position in writing with some information about yourself. Email is the preferred avenue for this The final date for interested candidates is April 15, 2022. I hope to announce a Candidate at the Baronial Officers Meeting on May 2nd and at the Baronial Populous meeting on May 5th. The candidate would take over responsibilities of the position at or around Village Faire of 2022 (September-ish). This will give them a little over four months to do any necessary training and preparation for the position. This is a volunteer position and requires the candidate to maintain a sustaining membership in the SCA for the tenure of their office.

Job Description Summary

  • Encouraging and supporting the Arts and Sciences (A&S) in the Barony of Darkwater and the Kingdom of Trimaris.
  • Scheduling classes for the Barony, and making sure someone is at the meeting to facilitate those classes.
  • Attending Kingdom A&S meetings, as well as the Baronial Populus & Officer meetings.
  • Running (or delegating someone to run) the regional arts and sciences faire at Village Faire
  • Being able to connect people to information, people, and resources to further their A&S goals
  • Responding to occasional emails
  • Advertising classes and Kingdom ArtSci initiatives through meeting announcements and Social Media Posts
  • If needed helping to organize gift baskets for wars, coronations, and investitures, and helping to create largesse for Their Excellencies
  • Other occasional  tasks

Yours in Service,
HL Taran Saraev
mka Charles Hill
Minister of Arts & Sciences (Barony of Darkwater)