The Chatelaine is an officer who acts as a kind of liaison between the SCA and the modern world. They help introduce new participants into the SCA by not only introducing them to experienced members, but also by teaching them about SCA and Kingdom traditions, customs and rules, and helping new participants fit in. The Chatelaine teaches both formal and informal classes for new participants and have a wealth of resources that they make available, such as websites, pamphlets, handouts and SCA publications. The Gold Key Deputy has clothing and equipment available for loan.

Chatelaine (formerly Hospitaller)
Lady Margarita di Rossi
mka Rita Miller

One of the duties of the hospitaller office is to run demonstrations. A demonstration, or “Demo”, is an organized presentation of information on medieval topics, SCA activities or both, to the public. A demo can be an educational effort designed to teach the public about the middle ages, a display of the SCA’s activities designed to recruit new membership, or both.

For those who are interested in assisting with upcoming demos, you must attend demo training either in a scheduled class or privately with the Baronial Hospitaller. Please also make sure to review the Trimarian demo policy.

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