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What are the Arts & Sciences?

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The Arts & Sciences are all the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. Arts & Sciences range from the recipes used for a feast to the armor used in combat, the clothes and costumes we wear to the bardic arts of singing, storytelling, poetry and instrumental pieces. All kingdom and local Ministers of Arts & Sciences are there to help you find the answers you need, be it finding you a source or introducing you to an expert in the field.

Arts & Sciences Minister:
HL Taran Saraev
mka Charles
407-907-7056 (text first)

Lady Ursula Blackpool
mka Carmen Heffelfinger

Lady Oddny Daufi
mka Shelly Roberts

Booking the Community Room
If you wish to request the Community Room for a workshop, workday, or class that will be listed on the Barony of Darkwater calendar, please email the Seneschal with the date and time you are wishing to reserve. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees for dates requested, but a concerted effort will be made to accommodate requests.

Upcoming Classes
Here is a list of the upcoming classes scheduled for the Barony of Darkwater.

Largesse Projects & Gift Baskets
Information for upcoming largesse and gift baskets projects, will be posted here.

Scribal Workshops
We hold Sunday scribal workshops over the course of the year. The scribal days happen at the Fashion Square Mall from 11am to 5pm. The dates for the next few months are as follows:

Fiber Arts Workshops
We will hold weekend Fiber Arts workshops throughout the year. Bring your projects and share with others, or just come to learn something new.

Music/Dance Workshops
Wouldn’t it be great to have more live music and dancing at events, courtesy of the Barony of Darkwater ?
Mistress Milesenda de Bourges is organizing our music practice days, and they are being hosted by Master Ciann, in SwampKeype. Instrumentalists and Vocalists are equally welcome, and dancing is now being added to the repertoire.
We will be working on “Horses Bransle”, “Maltese Bransle” and “Tangle Bransle”, to play for dancing, and several vocal pieces to sing whenever we get the chance. If you need the sheet music for these pieces, contact Lady Milesenda or Mistress Rachel. We will also be posting music to the files section of the PAGOD yahoo group.

Kingdom Winter Arts & Sciences Competitions
Trimaris will now hold only one Kingdom competition per year, in the winter. However, you will have even more opportunities to enter A&S competitions, as Baronies & Shires are encouraged to host regional competitions. Every competition is open to all Trimarians, and they will be run like Kingdom competitions as far as possible. They will give you a chance to receive feedback and improve your entry. You may enter as many regional competitions as you wish, and still enter the same (improved) item in the annual Trimaris Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition. If you are planning on entering an upcoming competition, please be certain to get a copy of the rules and forms. For answers to frequently asked questions, check out the Kingdom art/sci page. For rules & forms, as well as other information and resources, check out the Trimaris Arts & Sciences website.

Trimaris Summer Collegium
Our summer Arts & Sciences session will be a collegium run by the Trimaris Royal University.

Trimaris Royal University
For information on the re-organized Trimaris Royal University program: TRU
Please register as a student here: Student Registration
You can download and print your TRU Student Passport here:Trimaris Royal University; there is a link in the first paragraph of TRU Student Instructions and Information.
Please register as a teacher here: Teacher Registration
You can download and print your TRU Teacher Passport here:Trimaris Royal University; there is a link in the first paragraph of TRU Teacher Instructions and Information.
Please feel free to email the TRU Chancellor if you have any questions:

Special Projects & Events
We will post upcoming projects and events that the Barony will be engaging upon.

Useful Links

Kingdom of Trimaris Arts & Sciences Page
This page has contact information for the current KMOAS, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.
Trimaris Arts & Sciences
This is the new website for the Arts & Sciences in Trimaris. You can find here the new competition rules & forms, contact information, FAQs, as well as information about several other subjects.
Stefan’s Florilegium
This website is a collection of emails and articles concerning all subjects SCA.
The Arts & Sciences 50 Challenge
This page has information, rules, guidelines and tips for those interested in participating in the challenge.

Facebook Groups & Pages related to the Art & Sciences:
Trimaris Arts & Sciences Group
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